Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 365 - LAST DAY!!!

Okay this is a super exciting post for two reasons:  1)  It's my last post!!! and 2) I finally got the alcohol ink and it turned out super cool!  I absolutely love how it looks and I'm going to make a really cool keychain/necklace out of this....but for now I'm just reveling in the beauty of it...haha...but it does look great and I'm super glad!

Day 364

So this was going to be an exciting post but because I'm super slow at posting, it turned into a sad post.  My fish AND my bamboo died :(  But at least the fish was cute while it lasted???  And the fish had colored dots on it....but it's hard to see

Day 363

I bought these cups at Goodwill and then I decorated them and I think they are sweeeettttttttt

Day 362

I marbled my nails!  And even though this isn't a good picture they turned out really well!

Day 361

I'm taking a drawing class (ADVANCED drawing...whatttt??? totally wasn't aware of that when I signed up for it).....and it's awesome!  I love it and right now we are stamping and it's really cool.  I drew these pears (YUP!!! drew them!) and then stamped them and it's awesome!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 360

I really like how this turned out - even though I may have messed up and had to turn a T into an exclamation point.....but anyways, it still looks cool

Day 359

Somehow I inherited a bottle of disappearing ink.  And before it disappeared I squirted it all over a pizza box...but I think it looks cool because the box was cool and the dots contrast a lot with the box...